April 2017

Apr 18, 2017 | ECHOES

On March 25th we welcomed Sr. Mary Claire, Sr. Rosalinda, Sr. Dolores and Sr. Barbara into our community of Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour.  On April 23rd we welcome 4 more new candidates. We ask for prayers for their journey as they continue to see and find, and for the new Sisters as they go and tell.  

One of our journeys across the border to CA, we needed to park on a side street.  Not far from our car, we couldn’t help but notice two beautiful roosters pecking at each other.   One was more aggressive and was began to bully the other rooster.  Soon the aggressive one was becoming more aggressive and plucking at the head of the other rooster.   We even yelled out of the car thinking they would stop.   Like a good mother, I got out of the car and chased after them scolding them.  They continued to fight and suddenly the one dropped to the ground and the aggressive one left the scene.  I went over to help the one on the ground and then it got up and started running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Being a city girl, I finally understood what that term meant.   The scene left us sad.   I couldn’t help but think of our own behavior and how we should love one another instead of pecking away.  

We see the effects of this pecking away in the people that we serve here in TJ but they exist all over the world and in the best of families too, so you see it too.  It could be a woman battered until blind by her abusive relationship. And someone probably battered him when he was a child.   During this Lenten time, it’s good to give up things that hurt people.   The extra drink, the drug or the tongue that can lash out like vipers strike.  All of our pain lies dormant in the heart until we can forgive others and ourselves.  In the meantime we are robbed of much joy and freedom because of not forgiving.   So why am I talking about forgiveness?   It’s because I see so many of the effects in the prison…and I want the best for you.  There are some mean roosters out there but God is closer than you may think.

Easter is here and a lot of traditions and customs come with it.   The Easter bonnet and parade probably don’t exist anymore.  We still see going to Church, the dying and decorating of the Easter eggs, the Easter baskets and baking of Easter breads.   I can still smell the Easter bread and homemade kielbasa.  

Keep up those traditions as we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus.

We here in TJ pray for you and your family and friends daily.   Always…we do pray for you and we hope you feel the warmth of our prayers.   Spring brings new life and we pray that God will help you through the tough situations.   Let’s bring on a clean heart and conscience as we bless others with a surprise Easter basket loaded with forgiveness for yourself and others.  Ok, some chocolate too.   

My 3 year term here in TJ is finished and I will be headed back to Pennsylvania on April 15 but I want you to know that you will always be in my prayers.  Thank you for your inspiring generosity. Keep it coming and you can bet that Mother Antonia is putting in a good word for you and yours.

Most gratefully with love and a thank you hug, Mother Judith                                                                                     

God bless you  t  

P.S.  THE CHAPEL IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!   COME and SEE ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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