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February 2016

About The Eudist Servants


The Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour is a new branch, a twig sprouting on the 400 year-old tree of the extended spiritual family of St. John Eudes, whose strong branches include the Congregation Of The Sisters Of Our Lady Of Charity, our Eudist sisters, and the Congregation Of Jesus And Mary, our Eudist priests.

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Mother Antonia Brenner


Born into an Irish-Catholic family, Mary Clarke was raised in the exclusive community of Beverly Hills, California. Her father became a very successful businessman and provided well for his family. Privileged lifestyle not withstanding, it was a common practice of the family to care for those in need. In her early years, she participated in

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Becoming a Eudist Servant


First and foremost is that you have a deep and strong love for Jesus Christ. If you have that, then you will also understand and believe that our masters are the poor - that we serve Jesus by serving the poor for it is Jesus who tells us Blessed Are The Poor. It is

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