December 2016

Dec 29, 2016 | ECHOES

Dear Friends,

Here in Tijuana it’s raining and that in itself is a gift. During this season we share our gifts. Even God gave us a gift. He poured out his mercy and gave us the gift of Jesus, his only son. How great is God as he doesn’t wait for us to change before he blesses us rather he blesses us in spite of our waywardness. He hates the sin but loves the sinner. Patiently he waits for us to forgive ourselves and others so rather than search for happiness, we can find it and enjoy the abundant life he promises. This is the season for mistletoe and hugs. Let’s start with family.

We’ve been very busy doing Posadas for the poor children and for their families and for many, many prisoners. When you look at the Sisters and the volunteers, you would think we would all be dragging. Instead we all look like we just got a bonus. We also have Sisters in the U.S. and they too have been busy helping those in need. Our thanks go out to the very generous people who provided the mission with their time, talents and treasures and brought joy and hope to these families. The last days before Christmas some of our Sisters and Candidates took great numbers of blankets to prisoners who had no warmth in this cold weather with more to come.

The chapel, Saint Joseph House of Prayer, is coming along. The sides and roof are all on. Now we are doing the inside. We cannot name the chapel after Mother Antonia. In the eyes of the church she is not yet a canonized Saint. Mother had an infant son, Joseph who passed away. So it will be named after infant Joseph. Our thanks to your very generous hearts for helping us to build in memory of Mother Antonia, plus continuing to support the mission work.

Presently we have a Candidate here from Nebraska. She spent 19 years as a Sister of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. This is an Order of St. John Eudes. After 19 years of being a Sister, she left her Order to take care of her elderly father. When he passed away, she searched for happiness and at times regretting the decision to have left her Order. One day while reading something, she heard about us and was very surprised that we too were of St. John Eudes and has come to join us. After visiting Mother Antonia’s resting place again and again, she felt restless and cold because she never knew Mother Antonia. She began to pray and pray. Many days passed and while visiting Mother’s tomb again, she heard Mother’s voice say to her, “I am the gateway to lead you back to your Eudist roots.” She cried and felt great peace as her search was over. Sometimes we are like an airplane circling around and looking for a landing place. Some of us have landed but we need to refuel. God knows how much our gas tank can hold. This is why he invites us to his son’s, Jesus birthday party each year. The gas is free and we receive very personal gifts that may surprise us. See you at the party! Most gratefully with love and a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hug! Mother Judith

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