January 2017

Jan 1, 2017 | ECHOES

Warm greetings to each one of you on this January morning.  

Thinking back on January, I’m remembering what has left an imprint on my mind.

One of my memories was the night we took a homeless man to the Red Cross for an apparent broken jaw.   When the admissions clerk asked for his address, with great sorrow in his eyes, he looked at us and back at her and painfully said, “I have no home.”   They immediately took him in and did an exam and x-rays.  The outcome was he was to see a specialist at the hospital.

As we exited, I noticed a man with no shoes waiting for someone he had brought in.   Thinking I would come back with shoes for him, I asked what size shoe he took.  He answered 7 or 8. Before I knew it, our little homeless man with the broken jaw was taking off his shoes and giving them to the man with no shoes.  There were other families present and waiting for their loved ones.  As they saw this beautiful gesture…one poor man helping another, there was a great hush as we heard the homeless man say, “It’s ok, the Lord will take care of me.”  It touched our hearts and of course before the night ended, God did provide another pair of shoes.

  Another heartwarming occasion was last night when we went to 6:00 P.M. Mass.  The children were just letting out of CCD and their parents were waiting for them.  As the children came out of class the parents met them and they came into Mass. As we walked into the church, there was a throw rug on the floor for you to wipe your feet because of the dampness from the rain.  The rug was claimed by two small dogs who were curled up and trying to keep warm…right there in the middle of the isle.   There had to be over 100 people who walked passed these little creatures and when Mass ended the dogs were still there at the top of the isle and still curled up in the little rug.  It kind of reminded me where Jesus was born..in a stable, with the animals. It was a perfect evening……compassionate hearts and love for all.  

We learn so much from the beautiful Mexican people.  For one thing, you don’t need to be perfect to worship and there’s room for everyone.

  Here in Tijuana we have 4 candidates living here with us and that is always a time of grace as they look forward to making Vows on March 25.  Then comes March 26th, 2017- this is a big day in our community as we will vote for a new Superior.   Knowing that no one will fill the shoes of Mother Antonia and with the support of the Holy Spirit, the Diocese here and your prayers, I’ve had the honor for almost 3 years now to serve as Superior.  March 26th will bring in a fresh face.  We wouldn’t have butterflies if we didn’t have change.  So bring on the butterflies.  Most likely in April, I will return to my mission work in Pennsylvania where you will always be in my heart and prayers.

     Our visits to the prison, our help to the poor and the distribution of blankets has been all made possible through your very generous donations.  Also, the Chapel is built thanks to the generosity of a few very generous donors.  Now we are working on its furnishings inside.  

May God continue to bless each one of you and if you want to catch up on us, you can find us on our website where we have some nice changes.  Know that you are in our daily prayers.

 Most gratefully with love and a thank you hug,    

  Mother Judith


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