June 2017

Jun 18, 2017 | ECHOES

Dear Friends,

The first day of summer was on June 21st and from that day on the days are becoming increasingly shorter.   And they are already selling back to school materials.  Every day is precious and so are the minutes.   I always felt that there were not enough hours in a day.  Now I think that sometimes there are too many hours in a day…especially in the winter when it gets dark faster. So here we are,  dear friends, with plans for all we want to do and one thing for certain, God always has a greater plan.

A few years ago I made Hospital visits.  As I walked into a room there was always another blessing waiting. From then on I learned that I would never pass by a patient.  Then one day I was approaching Mother Antonia’s room and I stopped and smiled at her.  I came into the room and she was so glad that I had stopped.  She said, “Oh darling, never pass the room of a sick person…they hear your steps going by.  It’s awful!”   St. Therese of Lisieux said something similar.  “When I was sickly I would hear the steps of those going by and hoping they would stop but they hurried by.”   Our minds are constantly full of plans and our feet are too busy to care or to notice.  Sometimes it may be the phone call we don’t want to answer. Our time is precious but so is everyone’s time and we thank God for the gift of time.  It’s not too late to stop to say hello.  And of course there is always time to forgive others and yourself too.

And don’t forget your beautiful smile.  Give it to those in your home too.

Our dear Sisters are making good use of their time as they minister in prisons, the AIDs hospital, the nursing homes, visiting the shut in’s, assisting people who come to their door, shopping, cooking and cleaning, picking up bread to give to the needy, making sandwiches, working with the homeless, giving clothes to the needy, serving in their local churches and a whole lot more. And one Sister bought a washing machine, out of her own money for a family she was helping.

Your cards, letters, prayers and donations help us to continue to use our time for people in desperate need.  We are so glad to represent you as we reach out to others.   In Tijuana we don’t need to walk too far because they line up at our doors.

Remember that you and your family and friends are in our daily prayers….2 x’s a day.  I like to say, “That’s a good prescription that brings great results.”  Please don’t forget to send us your prayer requests too.  Again and again, God has a plan that’s always better than our plans.

Thank you for remembering us as part of your plan this day.  

Most gratefully with love and a thank you hug, Mother Judith and Sisters  

Have a great summer!                           



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