May 2017

May 18, 2017 | ECHOES

Dear Friends of Mother Antonia and our Sisters,                                                             

This past weekend our MercyFire prison team presented a retreat at Smithfield Prison in Pennsylvania.

In Tijuana a few weeks ago the Sisters were part of a Cursillo retreat in La Mesa Penitentiary.

Normally the team and the prisoners lose track of all time as the retreat goes on.  You hear men and women say, “I felt so much love”, or,   “I felt like I wasn’t even in prison.”

I can well remember the description of a man who spoke few words during the whole weekend but when it was his turn to tell how he felt about the retreat he said, “How do I measure heaven with a yardstick?” All the men cheered and it brought tears to our eyes!  

The Holy Spirit is moving and on June 4th, Pentecost Sunday, we will have a fresh outpouring for those who want more.  The Holy Spirit was moving today as Pope Francis met with President Trump.  When President Trump and his family leave they will know that the Holy Spirit was at work.  The whole world watched and many prayed as good things were happening.  

Then we have the Sisters in Tijuana who take supplies and love into La Mesa prison at least 3 times a week and when they come back to the house we hear their heartwarming stories.  And those who remained at the houses tell stories about those in need who came to our doors for help – once again heartwarming stories to tell as we laugh and cry over the way God moves to reach his peoples’ needs.

Then we receive your donation envelope.  You sacrifice what you have and give from you abundance and some from no abundance.   Sometimes there are little notes and sometimes letters just asking for our prayers.   We always unite our prayers with your prayers for you, your family and friends.

We see God moving here and we pray that you can feel our prayers for God’s mercy.

Presently many of our Sisters are in need of prayer.  Sr. Mariangeles’ healing from a knee replacement.

Sr. Lillian was in a car accident and is presently in rehab to get her muscles moving again.

Sr. Mary Bernadette had her thyroid removed and no cancer!  Praise God!

Sr. Susie Marie has by now recovered from 4 broken ribs from her fall. Sr. Eileen is recovering from a fall and a hairline shoulder break.   But in all of this we continue to unite our prayers for you and for all of our Sisters.  We thank God for his mercy through you and for the blessings of your prayers and gifts.

Feel free to list your troubles and concerns as we are here to do some heavy duty praying.

Let us remember that we need to forgive ourselves and others so that we can be truly free to love.

The St. Joseph House of Prayer built in memory of Mother Antonia is complete.  If you’re in the area of Tijuana, please come and see the chapel.  Many thanks to the five people who gave beyond their regular donations to help us. Not a penny of the mission donations were used.   There will soon be photos on the internet for you to see the chapel.

We still gladly accept donations to keep our doors open.  Every dollar helps more than you know.


Most gratefully with love and a God bless you hug, Mother Judith


Please use enclosed addressed envelope and make checks payable to:


Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour or just E.S.E. H.    

If for some reason you didn’t receive an envelope, please us the address below.


Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour

Of Mother Antonia Brenner

PO Box 530039

San Diego, CA  92153                                      To reach me please call 619-882-4454


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