Mealtime Echoes here in Tijuana

Jul 19, 2016 | ECHOES

Besides our community prayer times and mission work, we find that the most interesting conversations happen here in Tijuana at mealtimes. We make it a point not to talk about anyone because in her talks, Mother Antonia forbid her Sisters to gossip and not to be an initiator or an accomplice to tearing down someone’s good name or shaming them…and thriving on it as well. As we live Mother’s words and the words of Jesus, “to love one another,” we have found great joy in our time here; we laugh but we also cry together, when anyone of us is suffering. Then there are negative, evil spirits on the prowl that try to distract and destroy the unity. This is when we buckle down and make great sacrifices of love as we encourage one another ton remain focused on our mission work and to know that God is greater! And a call from God comes to our conscience to forgive and move on.

Then there is the positive side. One of the men was waiting to come to chapel and sat looking through the bars of his cell. He shared that his happiness comes when he gets a glimpse of the white veils of the approaching Sisters. It’s interesting, the Sisters feel the same when they see the men come into the chapel for their lessons. We’re just sorry that we can’t give you
photos of what we see.

Near Mother’s day, we were sharing some stories on being a mom. As a widow, I am blessed with 4 great sons. A few years ago, one of my sons had what sounded like pneumonia. I encouraged him to go to the Dr.’s. For days he grew worse and would not make a call, so I decided to call the Dr.’s office. Of course when you call there are the questions from the nurse… Does he have a fever? Is he getting enough liquids? When did this condition begin? Does he have a cough? Then the big question, “How old is your son?” When I said, 35 years old, there was dead silence…I’m sure she expected to hear that this concerned Mom was talking about a 7 year old. I think the nurse got a big laugh out of all of this…and probably you are smiling like I was after I heard myself. Once a mom, always a mom…no matter what age the children are. I must have sounded like the mother of the “sons of thunder” in scripture, when their mom asks Jesus, “Can my sons sit, one on your right and one on your left?” A mom’s love can drive a mom to make silly or even great sacrifices for their sons and daughters.

This was how Mother Antonia was in her mission work and with her own family too. She had a radical love, a heart on fire that wouldn’t stop burning and got things done. Even though, all of us together, could not fill Mother’s shoes, her mission work still continues through the grace of God and through your acts of mercy tucked in a little white envelope. Thank you so much for your contribution that will help us to represent you and walk in her shoes. Please, look beyond my weakness and see how strong God can be through you in this year of mercy, because God is counting on us. You are in our daily prayers.

Thank you from all of our Sisters for your incredible love and support.

Most gratefully with love and a prayerful hug, Mother Judith

God bless all


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