October 2016

Oct 3, 2016 | ECHOES

Dear Friends,

Here in Tijuana it’s a fall Friday evening; the bars aren’t rocking yet because it’s only 9:30 P.M. They wait until you get into bed and then your room begins to vibrate with strange base noises. It also depends on who is having the party in the neighborhood as to what type and how loud the music will come forth into our gated community. (Which means, our front gate has a lock on it.) Because the music is so loud and distorted, the neighborhood dogs begin to howl and the cats run for shelter onto the roofs of our cars. And that’s only Friday night. Wait until Saturday night. It’s one of those things like when you have a train run by your house, you get accustomed to it. So we do too. There were a few good mid-night concerts during the summer.- Oldies night… Earlier this evening, as darkness fell, we had a visitor come to the gate that was collecting junk and placing it in a baby stroller. She was collecting it to make some money to buy some cardboard for her roof. The last rain took the old cardboard. Her young son accompanied her and added that they would need 3 pieces. We figured that the cost was approximately $7.00 and they were working for it even after dark. Of course we helped them. The thought of it would not leave my mind…a cardboard roof. They were busy collecting junk, but still able to laugh during the conversation! Another family invited me to their home. It had a mud floor, no electricity, one chair and they all rushed into the kitchen to greet me with smiling faces. In their poverty, those sparkling eyes brought tears to my own eyes. They too had cardboard at the entrance and it became a little path to enter onto the mud floors. After tonight, cardboard will always be respected. Earlier in the month, we celebrated for three days, the Canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta alongside her Sisters, The Missionaries of Charity. We have worked together with the Sisters on different occasions and our own Mother Antonia had a meaningful relationship with Mother Teresa. In fact, they once both spoke at the same event. Mother Antonia also helped to build one of their houses here in TJ. This was all the more reason to celebrate. As someone said, “Now they are both up there praying for us.” In fact, as we celebrated here, there were three Archbishops who handed Pope Francis a copy of, Prison Angel, life of Mother Antonia Brenner. Let’s pray that their delivery bears lasting fruits. That same week at the prison, I told the prisoners about Mother Teresa being canonized. I encouraged them to ask her for a favor…you know, “Put in a good word for me Mother Teresa. “When I came back the following week to that particular group, the one man was waiting for me. He said that he’d been in prison for almost 2 years and had not heard anything about his sentence. Needless to say, he couldn’t wait to tell me how he asked Mother Teresa to pray and the next morning he had an appointment to go to court. Some of you have asked how the chapel is coming along. Yes, the chapel that we are building in memory of Mother Antonia is coming along, slowly, only because of insufficient funds for the side windows, large front window, the cross, the flooring, a healthy door, chairs, altar, sound system… We never use your donations for the chapel unless earmarked, “Chapel.” These words can be written on the, memo line of your check. The chapel will be called: The St. Joseph House of Prayer.

October 17, 2016 will mark 3 years since our beloved, Mother Antonia passed away. There will be a 6PM Mass offered on that day at Our Lady of the Assumption in the section of La Mesa, Tijuana. This is the same church where Mother is buried and where we profess our Vows. You are all welcome to attend. Pass on the news to your friends.

My dear friends, please continue to pray for all those we serve and we humbly ask you to remember us in your prayers too. It’s the greatest gift that we can give to each other. Know that we daily storm heaven for all of our donors. We got you covered.

Thank you for the joy you bring to our mission through your support and prayers. As always, to God be the glory.

This letter is a little late because of the final arrangements of Mother Antonia’s Mass.

May God continue to love you through your family, friends, the needy, and we Servants of the 11 th Hours of St. John Eudes.

Most gratefully with love and a God bless you hug, Mother Judith



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