Carrying On Mother Antonia Brenner’s Mission

Mother Antonia Brenner dedicated her life to the prisoners, the poor, and the sick in Tijuana, Mexico for over 35 years of her life. Today, the Eudist Servants of the Eleventh Hour carry on her mission of service. If you feel inspired, we welcome you to join us on her mission of mercy.

About The Eudist Servants

The Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour is a new branch, a twig sprouting on the 400 year-old tree of the extended spiritual family of St. John Eudes, whose strong branches include the Congregation Of The Sisters Of Our Lady Of Charity, our Eudist sisters, and the Congregation Of Jesus And Mary, our Eudist priests.

Mother Antonia Brenner

Born into an Irish-Catholic family, Mary Clarke was raised in the exclusive community of Beverly Hills, California. Her father became a very successful businessman and provided well for his family.

Becoming a Eudist Servant

Many women in mid life or later find themselves longing for something more in their lives. While the heart is searching, listening for a call, the head is saying I want to do something good, something important, with the rest of my years.


Our Prayer

The Servant’s Prayer

Good Morning Dear Lord, Thank you for the precious gift You have given me this morning-my life- to live fully and joyfully one more day!

Please give me the grace to be kind and patient today that I may see beyond worldly appearances, so that I may encounter your holy presence in each person I meet.

Close my ears dear Father to all gossip. Seal my lips to all judgments and criticisms that my words will only bless all about me and warm the coldest heart.

Let my actions be so just, my feelings be so tender, my conduct be so humble and true to your will that throughout this day I will be a reflection of your heavenly mercy and love.


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