Mother Judith’s Easter Message

Apr 13, 2016 | ECHOES

Dear Friends,

EsterI began writing this letter on Good Friday…Interrupted a few times so hopefully I’ll get it out tonight.
We Sisters spent the last two days of devotion in the Prison. Yesterday Thurs., was the washing of the feet and Mass. Today (Friday) we did the Stations of the Cross in the visiting area and it was packed. It was so good to see the men with their visitors. They looked like human beings. Many of them shedding tears as the saw their families and we cried too. It was so moving. We also noticed that most of the visitors appeared to be their mothers.
Tonight at our house we are doing a Byzantine tradition called, “The Guarding of the Tomb.” Beginning at sundown,6:00 pm. to 6 a.m. Since there are few of us, we each take two hours to sit alone in the chapel…similar to our Adoration time. Tomorrow, Saturday, we will continue our guarding until sundown. We have placed a crown of thorns and 3 nails on the small table along with a picture of Jesus in the tomb, a holy card with flowers from the Holy Land and a photo of the face of Jesus from the Shroud.. at the foot of the altar…all reminders of his great love for us. A small red votive candle burns nearby.

We all pitched in and bought flowers to adorn the tomb and had a great time looking for a flower shop that was open. The time spent can be prayerfully guarding the tomb…reading scripture, prayer from the heart, or just listening to the still small voice. One day it came to me, that we could also spend some time consoling our Lady. We are not worshiping her just giving her honor for her part at the foot of the Cross. Available for anyone to use was a copy of the devotion of the 7 Sorrows. Today, Friday, also begins the Divine Mercy Novena and the booklet is available for those wanting to make the novena. We are really all excited about this addition to our Easter Triduum, and inspired by the devotion and humility of the Mexican people with many of the businesses closed and processions in the streets. We are hearing beautiful music coming from the neighbors as they celebrate in different ways. We can see why Mother Antonia loved the Mexican people and why they loved her.

Some have asked what we were having to eat for Easter. Actually, we are having a humble meal of rice, beans and a little left over kielbasa. We are doing this to remember the poor that we serve…and Mother would agree with us. I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid a visit. We also colored eggs to hand out with our sandwiches.

Dear friends, know that we are praying for all of you and sending our warmest greetings for a Blessed Easter.
Please, if any of you are in the area, know that you are most welcome to stop by for a visit. If not keep us in your prayers.
Thank you for your love and the many ways you support us.

Most gratefully with love and a Happy Easter hug, Mother Judith, ESEH


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