June 2020 News Update

Jun 12, 2020 | Archive

Eudist Sisters continue prison-relief efforts under Covid-19 restrictions

Sister Anne Marie tells us how Covid-19 has impacted their mission to serve the imprisoned, the poor, and the sick in Tijuana, Mexico. “The Sisters are kept very busy, despite the fact that we aren’t going into the prison.”

Weekly, the Sisters go to a warehouse to purchase toilet paper. It is brought to the prison along with soap and shavers. The items need to be sorted and marked before they are taken to the prison each week.  Items are inspected and approved by the guards and then distributed to the inmates.

When a family cannot provide basic hygiene items to prisoners, the Sisters step in as best they can. “We are in constant need of white socks,” she says, as well as basic hygiene items, soap, toothpaste, etc., for both the male and female prisoners.

Aside from prison ministry, the Sisters are hard at work fulfilling the needs of the community. There are no cancer patients currently living and rehabilitating at Casa Campos because those who have cancer are not being given care and treatment due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is a sad situation, but cannot be helped at this time.  Please keep those who are ill in your prayers.

Casa Campos is still busy in many other ways. “Despensas” are bags of beans, rice, flour, oil, canned goods, bread, and other items that are given to about 80 families each month at the door of Casa Campos. There are so many people out of work in Tijuana that the daily line for sandwiches and beverages has grown in the past two months because many men cannot afford a basic meal. On average, the Sisters give out about 4,000 sandwiches per month, but since Covid-19 these numbers have tripled. “Somebody has to do these things, it is what we are supposed to do, to show people that someone cares.”

While the Sisters are supported by many donors – including many people from Bakersfield who supply chips, pretzels, candy, adult diapers, socks, walkers, wheelchairs, and other nonperishable items – more is always needed. At these times, people are desperate and more in need than ever before. The Sisters do all that they can to provide immediate relief and to lift people’s spirits during these unprecedented times. 

When asked what prayers and intentions could be offered up for the Sisters, she responded that they are in need of prayers for new candidates for their Association. She also asked for prayers that the Sisters will be able to go back into the prison soon, “because they need us.” We hold the Eudist Sisters of the Eleventh Hour and all of their ministries in prayer as they continue through these uncharted waters of Covid-19.

If it has been placed on your heart to donate or send items to the Eudist Servants of the Eleventh Hour, please visit our Donations page. By adding Amazon Smile to your Amazon account, you can also view the Eudist Servants charity list. If you feel inclined to make a monetary donation, the Sisters want to assure you, just as Mother Antonia had done, that your money will go toward your intended efforts. If you indicate that your donation goes toward toothpaste, or white socks, for example, the Sisters will see to it. 

While there is so much need and so much to do, Sister reminds us that, “we do what we can and leave the rest in God’s hands.”

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