We welcome Sister Ann Gertrude

Before joining the Eudist Servants of the Eleventh Hour, Sister Ann Gertrude was a consecrated lay missionary and professional registered nurse. She was born and raised in Cameroon and worked there for many years; then she worked in New York for 18 years before learning about the Eudist Servants.

Sister Ann Gertrude first heard about Mother Antonia through various internet Catholic forums. It was Mother Antonia’s love for the Lord and her mission for the poor and imprisoned that drew her in. After reading “The Prison Angel,” by Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan, and listening to many talks online by Mother Antonia, Sister Ann Gertrude says she could not stop crying. She expressed how very genuine, deeply joyful, happy, affectionate, compassionate, and caring Mother Antonia was. She felt like she had to be a part of this same work.

She recalls wanting to be part of the Association after much prayer and discernment, yet she felt a mixture of joy and worry. She was very adamant about wanting to follow the will of the Lord. “Little by little,” she writes, “with His grace He guided me through this and I made my final decision freely and happily.”

When asked what unique skills she has that will benefit the Servants’ mission, she stated, “I think I receive more than I give.” She is here to do the will of God, and feels that He will use her in ways that will help the mission.

Since being a candidate, and now a Servant, Sister Ann Gertrude tells us how there are no typical days when bringing about the mission. “Things can change very quickly depending on the needs and the situations,” she stated, and thus she has needed to adjust and learn how to adapt. The Servants have been a tremendous help in this regard, always there to support her and one another. “I do rely on my Sisters and the Holy Spirit to guide my paths. I feel very blessed to be part of the Association,” she says. Sister Ann Gertrude quotes our Holy Mother, “May all be done to me according to His Holy Will, and all glories to our God.”

“Sister Ann Gertrude is the best nurse in the whole world,” according to Sister Anne Marie. She described her as down-to-earth, funny, and humble. “I would like to clone her and get 10 more!” Sister Anne Marie says, “If we’re going to ask, let’s get 20, or as many as You want, Lord!” Sister Ann Gertrude says, “I’m a happy unworthy servant of the Lord.” Her humble spirit and generosity will undoubtedly move the hearts of the poor and imprisoned.

Welcome to the Eudist Servants of the Eleventh Hour, Sister Ann Gertrude.

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