Mother Antonia’s Legacy: October 17, 2022 Celebration

October 17th, 2022 marked the 9th anniversary of Mother Antonia’s passing. Mother Antonia’s picture was placed at the altar for the 10 o’clock Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption, celebrated by Padre José Maria. Padre called all the children forward to tell them about Mother. He explained that she gave up a wonderful life in Hollywood to come to Tijuana to help the prisoners and the poor. “Therefore,” he told the children, “you should be grateful to her and to the Sisters, and you should pray for them to her.”  

Padre had the children turn to the Sisters in the pews and the children all clapped. It was an unexpected and beautiful moment for the Sisters. Padre José Maria then walked the children to Mother Antonia’s crypt at the right of the Altar. Sister Anne Marie reflects and states, “It was a very beautiful tribute and one that was unexpected by us, which made it all the more special.”

The Mass was followed by a social and fellowship. Tony Granillo, one of our Associates who was in La Mesa as a prisoner with Mother Antonia, was there that day to celebrate the life of the woman who changed his life.  Tony Granillo was a prisoner when he met Mother Antonia, and now he runs the only AIDs clinic in Tijuana, ‘Las Memorias’.  His wife, Carmelita, and his daughter are also in the picture. Sister Anne Marie states, “They are a very special couple.” 

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