Giving a Little More in ’24

Greetings in Our Lord for 2024. We would like to start the year highlighting a message from our foundress, Mother Antonia, which will inspire you. For those of you receiving our postal newsletter, please go to our website and select the Mother Antonia section. In this 5-minute video released at the 2014 Fiesta, Mother Antonia relates how she is always with us in spirit and she reinforces the organizational Mission of the Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour. She talks about our role in building God’s Kingdom brick by brick until we reach heaven. She speaks about the joy and meaning in her life serving the poor, sad, and lonely and how much they need us through our Mercy and Acts of Kindness. Mother Antonia told us, “those who benefit from your generosity do not know you; however, God knows your kindness and sacrifices to His Needy children and He will bless you a thousand fold”.

Our faith teaches us to look inwardly to determine our vocations in life. Vocation is a misunderstood word in many instances. We may dismiss it as meaning for someone else. Vocation is simply a word that describes what motivates us, what pulls at our inner self as a “calling.” It is God’s Spirit nudging us and is simply that which brings us joy. Our Catholic teachings tell us that there are 4 vocational categories: Married, Single, Consecrated, and Ordained. St. Peter writes that those who are baptized in Jesus are a “royal priesthood, holy nation, and a people belonging to God”. It pretty much encompasses all of us. Our calling in the ministry may range from the front lines as a Eudist Sister to a volunteer or donor.

Instead of resolutions, let us all commit to doing a little more in ’24 to help achieve Mother Antonia’s Mission and Vision.

Our communications team would also like to point you to two recently posted articles on our website. Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour is often featured in both Catholic and secular media.  These are excellent articles about our leader, Sr. Viola Ramirez and Sr. Mary Francis. For those of you receiving our postal newsletter, please go to and view the News/Events section.

Our goal this year is to tell you more about the stories of our Servants, our Volunteers, and the specific needs of our ministry.

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