British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – An ‘Encore’ for Jesus

We are honored to share this recent documentary from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News World Service featuring the Eudist Servants of the Eleventh Hour. Known as one of the premiere journalistic organizations in the world, the BBC produced video, podcast, and magazine pieces about our Sisters’ work. Producer and Presenter Linda Pressly spent several days interviewing our Sisters, touring La Mesa Penitentiary in Tijuana, and talking to current and former inmates. This documentary is a testament to Mother Antonia’s present-day mission being carried out by our Servants.

Between these BBC pieces and Mother Antonia’s book The Prison Angel, we hope everyone will hear her story and see the reality of Jesus teachings in action. What if a woman hears this story, and is inspired to join the order? That is what happened to Sister Ann Gertrude, who became a Eudist Servant in 2020 after coming across a documentary about Mother Antonia.

Presently we have the podcast and magazine article with the video to come later. The podcast link BBC – An ‘Encore’ for Jesus connects you directly to the BBC production. The magazine article link on our website is: Encore-for-Jesus-BBC-Eudist.pdf. Our postal newsletter recipients have been sent the magazine article and can access the podcast at our website Please forward this email or magazine article to your family and friends, and send them far and wide. We have 200 reprints of the magazine article for you to use as well. Please email us and request copies at our new email address, It is a great way to introduce people to our ministry.

Mother Antonia YouTube

Sister Viola (Photo by Tim Mansel)

Mother Antonia YouTube

Sister Ann Gertrude (Photo by Tim Mansel)

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