August Echoes

Aug 1, 2016 | ECHOES

Dear Friends

As Fall approaches, I look back on August and we’ve had some pretty exciting things going on here in Tijuana.

Our new Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barron has arrived. We attended the installation Mass and there was an elevation of cheers, ringing out of massive church bells and fireworks going on throughout the evening that could have been heard in Butler, Pennsylvania. From the translations that were going on, we find that the Archbishop has the heart of Pope Francis in his love for the poor. Mother Antonia would have stood up and cheered him on…and I must admit, that we Sister’s got into the celebration.

The street in front of the cathedral was roped off for blocks and the street turned into a cathedral.….with folding chairs as far back as you could see and people standing along the side. We had a great view of everything including the fireworks as they were being fired off on the roof of the cathedral. Only in Mexico…. And, the prisoner’s told us that they saw us on TV!

One of our Sister’s went on her yearly visit to Peru to spend time with her family. As we walked to the car I asked her if she had everything she needed….like enough money..etc. She agreed to all I said. Off she went. About a half hour later one of the Sister’s said, “Whose open suitcase is that in the living room?” Immediately I got a strange feeling in my stomach…You’re right….she left her suitcase behind. For sure she needs a quiet months’ vacation with her family! We met her across the border with her suitcase and smiles. Besides me learning how to replace our toilet parts and give Jake (dog) a haircut..that suitcase was # 1 drama for August.

Here is Tijuana we find the people very poor but very respectful. Across the border there are also very kind and very generous people. We were discussing how a few times for lunch when we were across the border, someone secretly paid for our bill. Or to our shock, we were in a grocery line and two different times people wanted to pay for our bill. Two other times someone paid for prescriptions. Another time we visited a pharmacy and the manager pulled out his card and paid for our purchases. One afternoon, after shopping we were in a line outside of Costco waiting to grab a quick lunch, a hot dog and a drink…A young lady came forth and asked us what we wanted, went to the window and paid for our little snack. And then there are all of you out there generously supporting us so that with your support we can make a difference in the lives of the needy. There are so many of you good people in the world and you inspire us and we get lifted up to inspire others. I only wish everyone would look around…not for a religious…but to someone who may be in need. Wouldn’t it be a great world…to give without counting or judging? Thank you for helping us to prove that in this year of mercy that you can’t outdo God. Your kind support makes a world of difference to our needy. Thanks for keeping us on your giving list and know that you are on our prayer list. We actually storm heaven for you. Thank you for your prayers, kind notes, cards, calls and letters.

Presently the prisoners are in great need of bars of soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. We supply just about everything else. Please consider living in a hot cell with 10 to 15 men or women and no soap. Thank you for putting your compassion into acts of mercy. We can’t reach 8,000 prisoners and needy people without you. Please don’t let me be a stumbling block for what God can do through you. Become what you behold.

Most gratefully with love and a God bless you hug, Mother Judith and Sisters.


2023 Fall… ¡Fiesta Fundraiser!

2023 Fall… ¡Fiesta Fundraiser!

Saturday, October 14, 2023.
St. James Catholic Church, Solana Beach.
20th Anniversary of the Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour and the 10th Anniversary of the passing of Mother Antonia Brenner.

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